Unlicensed Medicinal Cannabis Retailer Personalized Tours


Contact us to arrange a personalized tour of the 5 unlicensed medicinal cannabis retailers that are operating today in Victoria BC. Visiting the 3 licensed recreational operators can also be accommodated! (up to 8 stops!)

Licensed recreational operators are limited by the regulations and cannot provide fresh product measured to order. They also cannot provide popular and in-demand products like cannabis edibles or concentrates such as shatter and live-resins. The unlicensed medicinal cannabis retailers are currently the only way to safely access these products in Victoria BC! These products are available in the safety and convenience of a retail store when you join us on a tour to visit all the available options

Pricing: $40 for a 2 hour walking tour with up to 8 stops

Group Rates available

Personalized joint rolling lessons also available - $20